Hello humans!

Well, that’s a bit presumptuous, isn’t it, assuming that just because you can use the internet, you’re a human. You could be a cat. Or an alpaca. Or an alien (in which case, I’m hoping you come in peace. If not, writers are quite useful, no matter what anyone tells you.).

In any case, welcome anyway!

I’m an aspiring writer, and the internet assures me that the path to fame and fortune lies in building an audience. Unless one is writing a blog, that is. Oh, dear…perhaps I should ask more questions when listening to the internet. It might lead me astray otherwise.

At this point, if anyone is reading this, it is probably a family member (hey, did you know that we’re all related, however distantly? So, how about paying for some writing for your dear, sweet cousin, MANY times removed?) or one of my students (in which case, why aren’t you writing your paper? Or reading? There’s a quiz this week, you know!).

And I think I’ve gotten away without telling anything exciting, interesting or helpful, so excelsior!

(The internet also assures me that cat pictures are another way to fame and fortune, so here’s one to peruse.)DSCF0058