Cat Translations

Meow… (Longer meows, almost sad, repeated): Are you asleep? Are you? How about now? Are you ever going to wake up enough to pet me?

Meow! (Sharp, disappointed meow): I am SO disappointed in you, lying in your bed like a slug!

Meoooooow (Operatic): This is the sooooong of my mousie! I have brought this mousie to you! I have hunted it all over the Savannah [the hallway] to bring it to you, at great personal cost! In my mouth, I have carried this mousie to yoooooou! Now will you awake?!?

Mew? (Quiet meow, very sad): I guess you’re dead. That’s the only explanation for why you won’t wake up enough to pet me. I am going away sad.

Meow…(Loud, whiny. Sitting by bed): Oh, you’re sitting up in bed? That’s too much awake. How am I supposed to get comfortable enough to be petted?

Me-ow (Exasperated): Great. Now you’re petting me with your filthy  human hands. I am going to have to bathe for hours.

Mrr? (Short trill, rising at end): Are we playing? Are you going to make the toy live?

Mrr. (Short noise, full of disappointment): Oh, you just toss the toy. And it just sits there, not moving. Great disappointment.

Me-ow! (short, repeated meows): Hello, other kitty! I love you with all my heart and my furry soul! Do you want to sniff noses and bathe each other’s faces and cuddle in a big kitty pile?

{Other cat– (Hiss! Growl!): You should die painfully and now!}

Mew? (Sweet noise): Okay, maybe later! Love you!

Mew! (Short, decisive): This is most definitely MY chair. I don’t know why you think it’s yours. I will defend it until you are dead by my sharp and pointy teeth.

Meeeeeeow (Long, drawn out, whiny): Share your food! I know that’s something I like!

MeOW (Bitter): I am going to starve because you selfishly won’t share your cheese. Starve!

MeOW? (High-pitched, back leg stretched out): Why aren’t you petting me? Now, now, pet me!

Brr (short trill, irritated): Enough with the petting. I am SO done.

Me-ow! (short, repeated meows): Oh, look, the other kitty! We are SUCH great friends and I am SO happy to see you again! How about we chase each other around the house?

{Other cat– (Hiss! Growl!): Die! So much! I LOATHE you!}

Mew? (Sweet noise): Okay, maybe later! Love you, too!

Meoooooow (Operatic): This is the sooooong of my mousie! I have brought this mousie from the place that it was to the place that I shall sleeeeeep! In my mouth, I carry this mousie!

Meeeoooow? (Sad): Where ARE you? Why have you ABANDONED me? It is DARK and LONELY where I am! Where ARE you? I am AFRAID!

Mewow! (Excited): THERE you are! In bed! At night! That is VERY weird. I was abandoned and neglected and I didn’t know where you were!

(All day, every day)




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