Review–Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography is the cleverest autobiography I’ve ever read. It’s set up like those Chose Your Own Adventure books that were popular when I was in elementary school. The book, therefore, is written in second person (another terrific touch).

Reading it on the Kindle was a bit frustrating. More than once, a stray button push lead to the end (or beginning) of the book. After a while, I just started reading it sequentially–which didn’t hamper my enjoyment in the least. Mainly because Harris has such a breezy, fun, delightful tone throughout and there was so much cleverness (pick well, or you could kill Neal Patrick Harris!)–including three magic tricks (yes, really), two drink recipes, and songs! What was also fascinating were all the behind-the-scenes moments. Not gossip (although there are some moments of that!), but how a Broadway show works, how a TV show is put together, how it feels to host an award show. I think that Harris’ love of the mechanics of things is used well here (it’s part of why he loves magic).

It’s all great fun (and quite funny!). Give it a try.

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