The Good, the Bad, and the Irritating

Good: The implant went well–it’s a good sign when the dentist says things like “perfect!” I am more used to hearing “well…” 🙂 It doesn’t even hurt.

Bad: I often have weird reactions to medications (not bad, usually, but weird). This time, the antibiotic caused low blood pressure (something that I tend to any way) and being generally down (thus, no blog post yesterday). I’ve also been easily tired. The good in the bad is that Thursday is the last day I have to take the antibiotics.

Good: I had enough energy yesterday to get my Claritin and do some light grocery shopping.

Bad: Our list had three items. We bought a cart-full. Sigh. And I got WAY more tired than I should have.

Irritating (may veer into bad): My mom takes a migraine prophylactic and since it was a holiday yesterday in the States, we didn’t get it filled (we’re bad at holidays). Also, since it was a holiday, the local drugstore was closed. No problem since we were going out anyway. We went to the pharmacy counter and were told (a bit snippily, if I’m honest) that they couldn’t possibly fill the prescription unless the original pharmacy was open. Aggravating! Especially since I know there are drug databases (when my mom was in the hospital last, they knew every drug she’d been prescribed in the last ten years. In this age of technological prowess and databases, the only way to fill a renewal is to call the original pharmacy? Really? (I can only assume this is to prevent people who are addicted from getting more pills than they are supposed to. But who’s addicted to migraine prophylactics?)

Really bad: My mom’s already had a migraine today. She described it as a humdinger. For some reason, she’s still doing things. When I have a migraine, I go to bed and then whine a lot.

Good: We can get the medication today. After 11. Maybe see below.

Irritating: The phone thingie was acting weird which sometimes means that the order didn’t go through. And since I live in a town that’s about twenty years behind the times, there’s no easy way to check.

Bad: I saw an interesting take on the philosophy of grammar on Twitter and I’d really like to show the tweets (like I’ve seen on other websites), but I don’t know how. Is it Storify? Or something that one can do right in Twitter? Does anyone know?

Interesting: Something I saw on line recently said that posts published on Tuesdays were more likely to be read. Fame and fortune here I come? 😛

That’s it for now–how are things going with you all?



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