Butterfly Garden, Day 1

As promised, I have some pictures of the butterfly garden in progress.

This first picture is what the site looked like before I began:May 2016 003.JPG

The high-ish grass there isn’t ours. The state owns that and haven’t been mowing. No, I don’t know why. Nor do I know why they don’t put it up for sale. There’s a little creek where all the trees are.

May 2016 001.JPG

This is the second step. Since we don’t want one million weeds in this bed, I put down barrier material. Then I ran out of newspapers, so I grabbed some cardboard boxes. I guess not having proper recycling in our community for almost two years is a good thing? You’ll notice that I put the boards in the pattern and filled in? And that people on TV do fancy things with measuring and stakes and spray? That’s because people on TV can work with numbers and I can’t.

May 2016 002.JPG

Here’s the next barrier, landscape fabric. This is for both weeds AND to keep all the lovely, precious dirt in the raised bed. We had lots on hand–good since I used up most of it!

May 2016 004.JPG

And here’s the final-for-the-moment stage. It’s not excatly an octagon, but it has eight sides, so that’s something. Step two awaits the shipping of the next two boxes of raised bed since, as I said, numbers are not my friends. And then…dirt! And eventually…plants! Perhaps even butterflies!

Gosh, am I tired!

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