1. That dumb Crepe Erase commercial. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about twenty minutes of women who are genetically blessed talking about “crepe-y” skin as if they should be locked in dark, dank, dungeons rather than expose innocents to their slightly wrinkly skin. Oh, the horror! The terror! The abomination of older ladies who have wrinkles! Maybe we ought to tie these appalling wrecks in the deep woods and have them be killed by squirrels and salamanders. We can start at, what, forty? Is that when women turn instantly from dewy ingenues to shocking hags? (Hey, I have a few years yet!) “I can show my arms again,” says one of these hideous beasts (who looks terrific, I might add). Show ’em anyway. If you’re comfy, have at it! Or if you’re warm. Or if you want to. But can we please stop acting that women’s bodies always have something wrong with them?
  2.   There was a segment on one of those morning shows about this story: “Bartenders Can’t Refuse Pregnant Women Alcohol, New York City Says”. Now, this is an interesting story; however, the take that the women took this morning was, in essence, “You ladies are morons who don’t realize that you’re carrying a growing human around in there.So we’re going to explain this like you’re five. Alcohol is bad for fetuses! You shouldn’t drink!” Yes. Even I, who has–lemme see–NO children, knows this. Almost everyone knows this. That’s why bartenders weren’t serving them drinks. And to act as if, the second that a woman becomes pregnant, her body and her decisions are our decisions is irritating beyond measure. It’s why nibby-nosed busybodies have felt free to comment on what pregnant women and mothers do. How about we assume that most women are concerned with having a good pregnancy (and raising their children after that) and therefore will make good decisions? And that they aren’t morons? Please? If that ends with an army of evil children who put in some Hunger Games government, we can go back to the old ways.
  3. Why in the universe is Realtor capitalized? Since when are professions proper nouns? Do you capitalize Chef, Nurse, Garbage Collector? Can any of us just decide that we can do that? Can I be an Instructor of English? A Part-Time Composition Instructor? Gosh, I feel ever so much more important now. Maybe I’ll start earning as much as a Realtor!
  4. When we try to do things either in the house or in the yard to make our lives easier, and the *cough* men *cough* who put in whatever it is make it more difficult. For instance, this morning I spent about an hour desperately hacking away at this grass-like stuff that had been planted after we had a new driveway put in. I have a blister now. The garage that was put in ended up with this hill on the side that no one can mow or navigate. The mulch that I put down last year to help the young man who mows the grass not mow any flowers has caused this berm of weeds beside it to spring up. The edging that the landscape person was supposed to put in didn’t happen, so the weeds are encroaching on the plant beds. And the forsythia (grr) that they were supposed to take out was just cut down, so it’s starting to grow up. I could get the smaller forsythias (grr) dug up (with help from the young man who mows for the last one), but I can’t do much for the one that’s been in the yard probably longer than I’ve been alive. I took the grass that I’d cut to the back and a honeysuckle which was supposed to have been cut down is still there. Beyond that, it’s bigger *cue horror music*! I was in tears by the time I came in.

What gripes do you have? Go on, share. You know you want to!

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