How not to blog

  1. Get stomach flu. Suffer greatly. Then…
  2. Forget that EVERY Spring you suffer from appalling allergies to trees, grass, weeds, and all other plants. Remember after going to the doctor for fatigue that this has happened before because you mostly can’t breathe at night. Use a lot of nasal sprays in the hopes that you can breathe again. Succeed only mildly. Wonder why your body is so offended by the plants doing their thing.
  3. Because of 1, barely get through your day. Realize that you get run-down during this time of year because of 3.
  4. Grade papers. Lots of papers. So. Many. Papers. Regular papers. Late papers. Revision papers. Research papers. Analysis papers. Spend hours writing helpful comments on papers because a) a surprisingly large number of students read them and b) to explain why students got the grades they did. Wonder if the past few weeks were worth anything, and then come across that paper that shows such progress from the last and incorporates all the things you’ve been talking about in class.

So, I should be mostly back. Mostly. Barring tree sex. And migraines. And, you know, stuff. And also things. But mostly stuff.

2 thoughts on “How not to blog

    1. But I must grade EVERYTHING. Everything. 😛 (Actually, this has sentences and properly punctuated ones at that. Also, it’s written in English, not gibberish, so you’d do well!)

      And now I want stuffing…


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