Review–Fire Touched

It’s not at all fair–Patricia Briggs write humor, action, romance, and fantasy equally well, as she demonstrates in Fire Touched, the latest Mercy Thompson novel.

Mercy is a skinwalker who transforms into a coyote. She grew up in a werewolf pack and became a mechanic (because why not?). She frequently interacts (and snarks at) vampires, witches, and the fae, fiercely protecting her family and friends. Briggs makes all of this plausible and real. Even though there is an extensive cast of characters, it’s easy for the reader to keep track of everyone–and if we haven’t seen someone in a while, there’s a clever phrase to remind us. All of the various cast members are absolutely real to me–utterly believable and fully realized, even if we only get a few details teased out about a few of the more mysterious ones each book.

This it the sort of fantasy world that if it’s mentioned in our world, its probably real in Mercy’s, although we might have gotten it “wrong.” This makes it a scary world, with danger and consequences abounding. It also makes for a sense of wonder, since I never know what being is going to pop up next.

I laughed, cried, gasped, and read the whole thing in a day. If you’re interested, though, start with Moon Called, the first in the series (barring short stories). This book is ninth in the series, and if you begin here, you’re going to be confused and unhappy–plus spoilers!


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