Quick Announcement

I’ve finished the novel I’ve been writing. It seems like it took forever, compared to the first. Now all I have to do is revise it thoroughly (I’m one of those people who writes without a lot of planning, so then I have to go back and make sure anything I added or changed my mind about is consistent with my world and characters). Then I’m going to send it out. I did that with the first, but apparently what I was writing had over-saturated the market. Or at least that’s what I tell myself! It’s a shame though, because it would have been a fun series (and I had the general gist of the next two books all set up).

Weirdly, I’ve already started the next book (I hope!). This one’s a pure mystery–at the moment, at least. Ideas have a way of getting weird when I write them.

How’s your journey to the next thing going for you? Anything exciting?


5 thoughts on “Quick Announcement

  1. Ooo, wow! Well done! That must be such an absolutely incredible feeling! It must be so gratifying to finally be able to sit back and look at a completed piece of work and say “Yep, I created that.” I hope you’re going to give yourself lots of treats and that your kitty gives you celebratory snuggles!

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    1. Thanks! At the moment, I’m still in the “Is it finished? Really?” stage. It won’t be real until someone reads the end.:) And then comes the fussing–is that the right phrase? Does that word need to be something else? Do I need this whole chunk? Oh, dear, that part doesn’t work at all! 🙂

      A treat is a good idea (one I should have thought of!). Maybe I’ll buy some music (I have SO many books–my library allows Kindle check outs!). We’ll see about kitty snuggling. I’m always up for those, but the kitty has her own mind. 🙂


      1. That part of things has its own kind of fun to it, though; I suppose that it’s a little bit like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle that has too many pieces! How long did the writing of it take you? After so much time spent with the ideas in your head seeing them all flow together must be incredible. I get excited just seeing a scene I’ve been looking forward to writing about come together, so a full novel must be so exhillerating! 🙂
        A treat is definitely needed and very well deserved; you owe it to yourself after all of that! Anyone who can complete a full novel and live to tell the tale needs a good treat! 🙂 Heehee, I think music is probably your best bet in that case; it’s something a little different in any case! And shame on kitty, it’s surely her turn to be the cuddler as opposed to cuddle-ee?! 🙂


      2. The writing took me…gosh, I’m bad at numbers… So I’ll cheat and look at the properties :)… May 2nd of last year. Gosh! And now I’ve started another. I think I have a slight addiction issue! 😀


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