We were recording Many Things last night, so I thought I’d set up my mother with Netflix with the Xbox upstairs.

Last time we signed in up there was a while ago, so I was prepared for the twenty minutes of “Updating. Please don’t blah blah…” What I was not prepared for was that it had been so long since we’d used the thing and that we were using a different device (SUSPICIOUS!) that we’d have to jump through some hoops.

What hoops?

  1. Attempt to sign in.
  2. Be told that we needed a security code.
  3. Try to get around this since the cell phone was downstairs.
  4. Give up.
  5. Go downstairs.
  6. Get cell.
  7. Power up cell.
  8. Click “Sure, whatever, text me.”
  9. Hit back button because surely they can use the number that’s on the screen.
  10. Of COURSE not! Why would the phone number we put in when we’d set the silly thing up still be valid?
  11. Re-enter the number.
  12. Be told that I need ANOTHER number. Seriously?
  13. Have no other number.
  14. Go with email.
  15. Must enter another email than the one we used to set up the account. Because, sure, that makes sense.
  16. Get laptop from downstairs.
  17. Power up laptop.
  18. Enter NEW email address.
  19. Sign into email.
  20. Get security code.
  21. Mis-enter security code because a) numbers b)tired c) MAD
  22. Enter correct security code.
  23. “Thanks for helping us keep your accounts secure!” Bastards.
  24. Try to sign in (why wasn’t that automatic?).
  25. “We need to send you a security code to confirm…” Please enter another number or email.
  26. Give up.
  27. Shut down Xbox.
  28. Swear non-stop.

Here’s what I don’t get. If someone’s stolen the Xbox or hacked the account, how is entering NEW contact information keeping ANYTHING safe? How? If I’m a bad guy, I’m entering Iamabadguy@Ivestolenthis.com. Wouldn’t the SAFER option to go with the original information? How does ANY of this keep ANYTHING safe?


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