Gratitudes and Groans


  1. Spring Break! I think everyone should get a week off per season. I’m not actually sure why we get a spring break at my college–we don’t get a fall break, but I’ll take it. I’m planning to catch up on all that stuff that I put off when I’m working, like writing this blog, working on my almost-finished 2nd novel, doing some crafting and exercising. Since I have a few more papers to get through, I haven’t accomplished all of these things regularly, but I have great hope for the rest of the week.
  2. My bosses. There was some sort of snafu when they emailed me to ask about availability for classes next semester. I am so thankful that they realized that my not responding was out of character and contacted me, even though I missed the deadline. I have two classes for fall, so I can pay bills. Whew! (Also, a mini-gratitude because I the reputation of being on the ball at work and missing a deadline is out of character.)
  3. I have 17 Twitter followers and the occasional non-relative who reads my blog. I’m pleased as punch! Thanks, everyone! Additionally, all of the people who have looked at my blog have really interesting blogs themselves, so that’s awesome.
  4. Steve Martin and Eddie Brickell’s music. I picked up their second CD because I’d heard a song “My Baby” on the radio. The whole CD is wonderful, full of charming, sweet, lovely music and really clever lyrics. It’s my kind of music and I’m planning to buy the first. I recently found out that there is a Broadway musical running now based on their music. That’s tremendously exciting!


  1. Papers. I’m the silly idiot who assigned papers that I’d have to grade over spring break–good for the students, a pain for me. I’ve spent every weekend for over a month grading papers. Because I try to do a good job, it takes forever! After this grading session, I get a few weekends where I just grade the in-class stuff. It’ll seem like a vacation.
  2. I’m pleased that Ohio is important to the political future of the country, but the almost-constant political ads have started. Even if I like the candidates, it’s nearly every ad in every ad break. And since it’s just the primary, the candidates have one commercial each, so it’s over and over and over until I’m ready to scream. If we’re fast enough we mute the tv, but we’re not always. It doesn’t help that all of the commercials are incredibly manipulative and either cloying or blatantly anger-inducing. We just have to get through Tuesday and then they taper off until closer to November. Wish us luck!
  3. Folks who don’t quite get how the First Amendment works. It says that the government can’t interfere with your speech. It says nothing about other citizens. So if you get shouted down while making a speech (comment on the Internet, in public), that’s not an infringement of your First Amendment rights. It’s un-civil, certainly, but not illegal. Actually, as someone who appreciates civility, that might be a stronger argument for me to get on your side!

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