Revisionary is Jim C. Hines’ latest and (sob) last book in his Magic Ex Libris series. Those of you familiar with Latin (and who isn’t?), the series is about Issaac Vainio, a libromancer–someone who can pull objects from books with magic. The fact that I can’t do this irritates me to no end, by the way. 🙂

It’s a great series, and I was nervous that it was ending. Would the author go nuts and kill off my favorite character(s)? Since the series is ending, is the author going to make sure that it’s a “real” end, where the premise of the world can no longer continue? Would everything be unrealistically happy (“Oh, it’s okay that you have a progressive, incurable disease. You’re healed!)?

I can report that the ending is satisfying–and I can’t say much more for fear of spoiling it. I shouldn’t have worried, as Hines has ended his other series (I also liked his Princess and Goblin books–go check them out) well. I also have to give credit to Hines. Some authors keep adding powers to their main characters until either there’s no longer any threat from antagonists or it’s entirely unrealistic (I’m thinking of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series which I stopped reading well before the main character became s deity). This is often a huge problem by the last book, but Hines avoids it deftly. There is downside to the magic in this book that stops Isaac from becoming overpowered.

I zipped through this book–and I didn’t get a lot else done when I was reading it. Who wants to cook supper when deeply engrossed in such a well-realized world? It’s the other reason I was anxious about the series ending–I loved this place and the people in it. I’d happily read another ten (assuming the same quality; aye, there’s the rub). It’s also quite funny, something I like in a book. Isaac is a snarker, as are his posse. As someone who was raised snarky, it’s terrific.

Start here with Libromancer if you want a really well-realized look at this really cool magic system and world, and don’t fear the end. It’s fulfilling and satisfying.

PS While trying to remember what Hamilton’s character was called, I typed Anita Bryant instead of Anita Blake. WAY different people!

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