Gratitudes and Groans


  1. Spell check, how I love thee. I spent some time this week attempting to write and type things in front of other people, always a dicey proposition. With spell check on the computer, I was bad, but without it, I was awful. I misspelled “lake” for goodness sake (it wasn’t a typo because I wasn’t typing. A write-o?). Oh, how I would embar…embara…embarr… humiliate myself without it.
  2. Casual games. I have a free membership on one of those sites with hundreds of games. Each day, they have a badge that players can earn. I have played a lot of really fun games that way. It’s a great stress reliever and it’s apparently good for anxiety. Almost all of the games are clever and well-designed. I haven’t been able to concentrate enough lately for full-on console playing, so this feeds that need easily.
  3. Subbing. Rather than cancelling classes, the college I work at sends out notice that they need a sub. Because I teach at only one place, I’ve been able to pick up a number of these opportunities lately–and if my math is right, I’ll be able to pay off the first part of my dental work that way. Since I don’t get paid very much to start with, this is an excellent thing.


  1.  So, my birthday is approaching as I mentioned last week. Because I have a February birthday, planning is always tricky, so we tend to celebrate when the weather is nicer. For instance, right now, as I’m typing this, it’s seven degrees outside. It snowed most of last night. It’s going to snow more today. So I wanted to take advantage of yesterday’s relatively nice conditions to get my cake. It’s not like I want a fancy cake. One from the grocery’s bakery does me fine. Well, the first place we went to only had chocolate cake. I don’t like chocolate cake. At all. We live in the boonies, so it’s not like we could just go to the next place. We ended up driving another twenty or so miles to try the next grocery store. Luckily, they had a white cake (my favorite) with roses (a requirement), so all was saved. And, I should add, the NICEST bakery person ever. But I wasn’t happy that we had to go in the first place.
  2. My dumb anxious brain. As I mentioned, I subbed this week. I like subbing–once I’m there. Beforehand, I’m anxious and stressed, going over every possibility of things going wrong (never does my brain tell me that everything will go well). The weird thing is that when things do go awry, I’m fine. I got to the second classroom I was subbing in and I didn’t have the door code (not one of the things my brain had brought up, by the way). I didn’t panic or cry; I went down the hall, got the information from the secretary, and was still in the room ten minutes before class started and there weren’t further problems.
  3. Not having enough time (a common complaint, I know!). I just got into the routine of my classes. Then I add in more classes (even though the teacher does ALL the prep), and my schedule is now complicated. I have to work in my other stuff on top of the travelling and subbing, so anything I want or need to do at home goes by the wayside. Even though I had a basket of clean clothes on Monday, they didn’t get put away until today. My writing rate drops dramatically as well. But, since I need the money, I will keep on and manage as best as I can.

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