Gratitudes and Groans


  1. Modern dentistry. As you know, I had a tooth issue recently and because of modern dentistry, I did not get an abscess or die of sepsis. I did not bleed to death, nor was I in agony for the rest of my life. Everything looks good, according to my dentist and we can move on to the next step of getting a dental implant (in a few months). It’s most excellent.
  2. The latest issue of National Geographic. Within its pages are glorious pictures and interesting articles–among other things, about eyes and their features in both humans and animals (it turns out that humans do pretty well, eye-wise) and one about all the layers of archaeological “stuff” under London. All fascinating.
  3. Intelligent people who write about touchy subjects with sensitivity. On Jim C. Hines’ blog, he wrote a post in response to a post about how we’re all disabled by another author. Not only was his post thoughtful and generous while simultaneously explain the many wrong things in the original article, but almost all of the comments were excellent as well, especially LJ Cohen’s post. This is what the internet SHOULD be.
  4. Kitten Bowl.
  5. Puppy Bowl.


  1.  Apparently, there is some sort of sport thing happening today? I know that because every news program has covered it, and most of the commercial channels have had football programs (mostly about old football) all day. And social medial is nattering on about it. Now, I’m glad that people have hobbies like watching sports, but this amount of hype is silly. Imagine that some portion of the country like knitting, so one third of every news show was devoted to new yarns and patterns, whole chunks of television spent hours debating champion knitters, every yarn-based controversy was covered on every morning program, and you knew more about dye lots, needle gage and pearling than you ever wanted to, all by osmosis.
  2. Plagiarists. This semester, I’ve reported two and we haven’t even entered week 3. Sigh.
  3. I have a birthday coming up. This isn’t a problem with aging, but more with accomplishment. Although I love my job, there aren’t opportunities for advancement or raises for doing well. I’ve been writing, but nothing’s been published. I’ve started a blog which has been read by people I’m closely related to (Hi, Mom. Hi, Mike). I’m not dating and am not likely to start. I’ve lost a little weight, but only a little. I’ve been exercising quite a bit this week, which doesn’t really make up for the three weeks of the year so far I haven’t been able to. I feel as if I’m in a rut and there’s not much I can do about it.

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