State of the Blog

You’ll have noticed a gap in my postings (so long that I lost four Twitter followers!) after I wrote about my cracked crown. There are Reasons (as follows).

The dentist could kindly fit me in the next day (Wednesday). After a few tests and look-sees, it was determined that I had not only broken the crown, but the tooth, all the way up. I asked what caused it and the dentist didn’t know.

The good news is that the crown was under a five year warranty (it was a little over two years old!) and I would be getting the money back.

The bad news is that the tooth had to be removed. I decided that I wanted a dental implant (those are supposed to last thirty years, so I figure I can get a good twelve out of it, if my luck holds). I had them put in the first thing they needed (cadaver bone!) right then. And got the process started. It will cost a little over three thousand dollars (it would have been four, but crown rebate). This is a significant chunk of my yearly income, but I need teeth.

My plan is to sign up for any subbing at my college that I can reasonably do and put that money towards the (huge, giant, insurmountable) cost. I had been planning to pay off my student loans this year, but I foolishly said that out loud. The irritating thing is that I had JUST paid off the last of the crown in December. JUST.

Since I had to, I went to work the next day. According to everything I read, a person is supposed to take it easy for at least a day (more like three) after a tooth extraction. Teaching the first day of college classes hardly qualifies, so I spent most of the next week recuperating. Monday was the first day I felt okay (part of that was probably having to eat soft foods and not having much of an appetite). Then I taught Tuesday, spent all day Wednesday grading quizzes, taught Thursday, and have spent the last two days grading essays (I’m hoping to be done tomorrow).

And that’s why I haven’t written a word in more than a week. I’m hoping when I go to the dentist next Friday that I’ll have good news, like my tooth is growing back, like a shark’s!


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