Review–Evil Dead 2

Ah, that’s more like it. A little more slapstick, a lot less tree rape (it really did stand out!).

Things I liked: My word, but that Bruce Campbell can act–which I knew, but wasn’t really showcased in the first movie. He sells madness, determination, slapstick, weariness, fear so well that it didn’t look difficult (high praise indeed).

Everything just zipped by. There are some horror movies that benefit from a slow pace (It Follows comes to mind), but this isn’t one of them. Great energy and enthusiasm from everyone involved.

Some really excellent practical effects. In a making-of piece included in the extras, some of the folks involved in the effects say that to this day, directors are impressed: “You worked on Evil Dead 2?!” I can see why. There were some things that I could not figure out how they did–that extra was helpful for that!

Things I didn’t like: A lack of closed captioning and subtitles. I know the first one was low budget (although I don’t know why it wasn’t added later), but this one had some money (and made some). I don’t have hearing issues, but some of the dialogue was almost impossible to hear, so I turned up the volume. Then the screaming would begin and I’d have to turn it down. This happened the WHOLE movie.

Confusing blood colors. The making-of and IMDB explained it–they were trying to get an R rating rather than an X. But it was still odd. “Why is that person bleeding green? Is that significant?” Black worked, as did fushia, but not green.

That beginning montage. Apparently, they had to reshoot because of rights issues, but I thought “Ash isn’t going BACK to that cabin, is he?” “Is this a dream sequence?” It took a sadly long time before I figured it out. I did, however, like the call-back to the dancing in the reshoot. A lot. 🙂

All-in-all, I’m looking forward to number three, which I’m planning to rewatch.


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