Likes and Dislikes Week 2

Likes: 1) Living in a time and place with clean water, electricity, and heat and technology. I was just reading a novel set in the Victorian era (review to follow) in which an entire day of the week was devoted to boiling clothes, washing them, wringing them out, and hoping that it was dry enough outside to dry them, or enough space inside to do so. The main character’s family had a live-in maid because cooking and cleaning took so long.

2) Spell check. I know it’s fallible, but it’s getting better all the time. As a person who is incapable of going a whole sentence without a misspelling or typo, it’s wonderful.

3). Resistant though I am to leap onto social media, the part of twitter where your favorite writers, actors, musicians and other pretty cool people let others know their interesting thoughts is really quite lovely. And, weirdly, I already have a follower. Well, a follower and some creepy ad-bot. But I can block that! I’m hoping that I can develop and audience and perhaps that will help get something published. I’d cross my fingers, but I have enough trouble typing.

Dislikes: 1) Those commercials for life insurance where everyone gathers after a funeral to bemoan the fact that if a person doesn’t have enough insurance to pay for a ridiculously expensive funeral, he or she was a BAD PERSON. Yes, relatives of mine, if you don’t leave me tens of thousands of dollars to buy a funeral that an Egyptian pharaoh  would have found acceptable, then you are dead to me. Wait…

2).  The fact there are ridiculously expensive funerals. Seriously, when I die, go for the economy package. My lifeless corpse will not care. And if someone wants to judge my relatives for the cheap option, that’s the judgmental person’s burden. When my dad died, the man at the funeral home tried to get my mom to purchase a not-cheap coffin to cremate him in. Because burning money is a good idea? Because forget the environment? Because we’re less able to make decisions when we’re grieving? Frankly, if any of my relatives spend more than about a hundred bucks on my funeral, I will contravene the laws of time and space to haunt them. (If you are one of those folks who comes from a big funeral tradition, you do that. It’s all good. I actually like those awesome Ghanaian coffins. And any culture that has food or singing or wakes is cool.)

3). When people don’t just admit that they did the Bad Thing. Look, I get that no one wants to get in trouble. And some people have managed to get what they want by pretending that reality is not as it is. But I have absolute proof that you did the Bad Thing. The people who are going to adjudicate the Bad Thing hearing are going to find in my favor because it’s REALLY obvious that you did the Bad Thing. Why are we bothering? Be a grown up, don’t embarrass yourself, and spare us all the kerfuffle. (And yes, I have to be this vague!)

4). Rejection. Why can’t people just think I’m wonderful all the time, that I’m awesomely talented, and give me a sufficiently nice sum to publish my work? Yes, I am feeling sorry for myself. But it’s my blog, and it hurts, and I’m allowed.

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