Would-Be Witch Review

Would-Be Witch by Kimberly Frost is great fun. The main character, Tammy Jo is snarky, funny and quick–and since she’s the first person narrator, the whole book is infused with that tone.

One of the great details that I appreciated was that Tammy Jo gets woozy (and sometimes faints) at the sight or mention of blood–and since she’s encountering creatures common to urban fantasy (including vampires!), every chapter, it’s a great running gag.

This author is really strong on characterization, and since that’s one of my favorite things, I was a happy reader. Although there are a number of characters, they are each distinct.

A few bits of the exposition were a bit clunky and intrusive, but they were over quickly, so it’s a minor flaw. And the author is establishing a world that now has five books ans a novella, so putting in the rules and world-building is crucial.

I have already added book two Barely Bewitched to my hold list and I’m looking forward to it.

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