Laundry Puzzlements

For Christmas, I got this work out top: 003









The washing directions say “wash with like colors.” Sure, I’ll just launder this with all of my other galaxy colored clothes, since I have so many.

Also, what’s with all the “lay flat to dry” nonsense? Who are these people who have endless flat surfaces on which to dry damp clothes? I know that Martha Stewart does (of course, she also has more than one house), and that they sell those doohickies that stack or go over the tub, but I neither have those, nor the space to store them.

We have a dining room table that seats 6 adults when the leaves are in–and can dry three things (skirts, shirts, or sweaters). Three. I had to put off doing a load of laundry because I didn’t have the space to dry it.

An additional issue with “lay flat to dry” is that we have cats. You’d think that cats would not be interested in sprawling out on damp clothes, but you’d be wrong. Or, as happened this time, exploring the drying clothes by walking on them.

Truly, my burdens are heavy. 🙂

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