Mama got run over by a rhino…

Yesterday, my mother and I were at the mall for some sweet post-Christmas sales (and also because she hadn’t actually got me presents as such, but more the promise of presents).

We were walking down the concourse near one of those places that rents out the giant stuffed animals to ride like these. On the way up, I’d asked her if she wanted to ride one (there was a cow!), but she demurred. For some reason.

On the way back, this ten-ish year old little dude was riding a rhino on the other side. I could tell that he was intent on the zen of his ride. As he swung around to our side, I just knew that he wasn’t really paying attention, so I leapt (moved slightly) in front of my mother and stopped the collision! It was very heroic. Very.

So yesterday, I stopped my elderly mother being mowed down by a wild rhino. What did you do?

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