Why is it, as a writer, as someone who loves language and words, who makes her living playing, writing, and teaching writing that a blank blog post is so darn intimidating? Truly a question that Shakespeare would have pondered, had he had a blog. And wasn’t busy writing plays to last the centuries. And maybe suffering from syphilis.  (Have you read Orwell’s CoughIt’s quite interesting!)

Okay, that was a misdirection, I admit. But it’s my blog, gosh darn it, and if I want to get distracted by other people’s writing, I shall. However, it’s probably time for what, if I were a business-type person, I’d call a mission statement. But I am not an MBA type–otherwise, I’d be far more likely to trip over a pile of cash, and statistically less likely to trip over a cat.  Or a stack of ungraded papers.

In any case, here’s the plan. I am going to submit writing to various places. As I understand it, this will result in a number of rejections. A huge number of them. Enough to trip over. Well, if I were silly enough to print them out–which I’m not. Paper and ink are expensive!

I will also put some writing up here. Not on any sort of schedule mind, since I firmly believe that there are gremlin-type critters who wait until a person says or writes that he or she is going to do something and brings the forces of entropy upon them. Admit it, that explains a lot about how your life has gone.

In any case, writing and many rejections to follow. Now, I’ve written  like five hundred words on this thing today, and I need to write about that much on the novel-in-progress, so toodles!

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